Students for Life

Calling all students!

Howard County Right to Life would like to have a chapter of Students for Life in each Middle School, High School and College in our county.  Right now there is a chapter at IUK, and in KASH (Kokomo Area Schools at Home).  We are looking for students to express interest in participating, and a teacher within each school to be a sponsor for the group.  Once the group has student interest and a sponsor, the National Students for Life representative will assist you in setting up your chapter of Students for Life for  your school.  The Howard County Right to Life will be  happy to assist you in contacting the National Students for Life, and in promoting your activities.  We would also like to facilitate county wide chapter activities, and encourage YOUR chapter's  involvement in Howard County Right to Life activities.   Eventually, we would welcome student representatives to be part of our Board.  

We are looking for adults and students to step up and take up our mantle and continue on our Pro-Life legacy.    You students are the future of the Pro-life movement!!    Contact us for more information.