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We meet at 7:00 P.M. on the 4th Monday of every month (EXCEPT JULY & DECEMBER) at Cross America in Kokomo. The address is 840 Daniel Drive - off S.R. 931, across from Menards.    The public is welcome to attend!  

Howard County Students for Life

This group is for high school age teens that want to make a difference in their school and community.   Currently it is inactive, but we are looking for adults and teens to help restart this excellent opportunity for our youth to take up our mantle and continue on our Pro-life legacy.    You teens are the future of the Pro-life movement!!    Contact us for more information.  

2019 Essay Contest Winners Celebration!

Additional Information

    On Monday, April 22 the Howard County Right to Life honored our 2019 Essay winners during the first hour of our monthly board meeting.  We met at 7:00 at the NEW Living Alternatives Pregnancy Resource Center and were pleased to be the first group to use their brand new conference room for such a memorable occasion.  

    We started the evening with some refreshments, and then listened to our students read/recite their essays.  The pictures are in order of their readings:  (7th-8th winners) Allie Cothern, Ava Cothern, and first place Lily Page.  (9th-10th) Esther Gollner.  (11th-12th winners) Nathan Gollner, and first place Ava Page.  

    This year, senior Ava Page will be going on to compete in the 2019 Indiana Right to Life Oratory Contest .  on Saturday, May 4.  Keep her in your prayers!

    The 2020 Essay Contest will begin in October, begin now planning your essays so YOU can be part of this celebration next year! 


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2020 essay contest information - To be Announced. Stay Tuned.

Beginning in October of each year we announce the next year's  essay contest. Students are encouraged to write an essay and winners are awarded with cash. We are currently planning our 2020 essay contest.  You can check out our 2019 flyer and application to get an idea of what we do for our next contest.  Stay tuned for more information!

Download the flyer for information and to share with other students. The Application may be printed out or filled in and emailed to us with your essay. To send your application by email drop us a note on the Contact Page and we'll get back to you with our email address.

Newspaper Signature Ads 2020

 Our annual newspaper ad is a great way to let the community know that LIFE matters. Get your church and friends involved by Jan. 13th. We collect signatures from the community (individuals, businesses and church members!)   and will publish a double-page ad in the Kokomo Tribune and the Kokomo Perspective.  Ads will be printed the week of the anniversary of the January 22, 1973 Roe vs. Wade ruling.  We request  $5.00 per name donation as a way to help offset the cost, but  it is not mandatory.   This is a great public way to show the community you STAND FOR LIFE.  

Download the letter from our president with all the information about our Signature Ad and for the sign-up sheet.    Make sure you check out the Kokomo Tribune ad from last year to get an idea of what we are doing.   

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